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About Us

Wacaf Air offers executive aviation services, unlike commercial aviation companies, our experience flying from the Canary Islands to the most difficult and difficult to reach destinations. We are the trusts of trust in the organization of air operations for heads of state, corporate leaders, businessmen and individuals covering destinations anywhere in the world.


Mission and vision

Wacaf Air is the first executive aviation company in the Canary Islands, with more than 20 years of experience in executive and commercial aviation. We were born to revolutionize business aviation, pioneering a new way of flying: giving customers access to a fleet of more than 70 aircraft worldwide, with ad-hoc designed flight programs.


Their crew

Our aviation experts of different nationalities take care of each and every Wacaf Air customer. The multilingual team is very experienced in organizing all aspects of any flight itinerary for a perfect connection and experience around the world.


The best cabin experience

We understand that each flight is unique, so we take care of every detail to ensure that our passengers enjoy unmatched, personalized service. Enjoy all the benefits of a personal jet without the costs and responsibilities of owning an airplane.


Our Hours program

It is the bespoke flight hours subscription plan, offering guaranteed access to our fleet, anytime, anywhere, at a fixed hourly rate, without depreciation or capital risk. Our clients enjoy the most efficient way to start flying with Wacaf Air. Request your flight through our team and get discounts of up to 90% on Empty Legs.


Our Partners program

It is the Pay-as-you-Fly subscription program through a single initial subscription payment, thanks to which you can fly on all our empty flights or Empty Legs sharing the cabin with other Club Members Jet Card members, without a doubt the best way enjoying unique benefits and networking on exclusive flights.

A business line of


Wacaf air, is one of the GRUPO MARTÍNEZ business lines, has more than 30 companies between Spain and Equatorial Guinea, diversifying its business in the retail, health, tourism and real estate sectors. Consolidated group since 1927, within its strategic approach is constant innovation and being self-sufficient.

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We carry out Aerial Sanitary Evacuation Services for Assistance Companies around the World, as well as for Individuals and National and International Companies.

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Partner Program

Join our partner program, without obligation, and enjoy access to flights at reduced prices and many exclusive benefits, tailored for individuals and companies based on their needs.

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